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Discover Romania on our guided motorcycling tours travelling from the foothills of Carpathians to Romanian, Saxon and Hungarian villages/towns across Romania.


Discover Romania on a guided motorcycling tour travelling from the foothills of Carpathians to medieval towns and Saxon villages across Transylvania or anywhere else in Romania. The motorcycling tours promoted are mainly travelling on main roads, rural roads and mountain winding roads, using adventure sport motorbikes ideal to ride both on and off road (i.e. Yamaha XT 660 R). The motorcycles can be supplied to hire by our Romanian partners from Transylvania Moto Experience, hence you don’t need to bring your own motorcycle.

As part of their services Transylvania Moto Experience will be able on request to organise your travel from the airport to Brasov town, where you pick up your motorcycle for the rest of the trip.

They can offer two types of tours: with accommodation provided in the same urban hotel/or a rural family run lodge for the whole trip taking circuit trips everyday (of no more than 220 miles/day) or you can choose a longer circuit trip travelling from one town to another having accommodation arranged in different places every night (no more than 220 miles/day). On this longer tour your baggage will be transported in a provided car from one place to another whilst you are touring ahead on the motorcycle. Whether your stay in Romania is shorter in length, you may wish to venture on a shorter guided motorcycling tour. For more details please explore more options contacting directly our partners via their website:

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