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Explore Wild Caves In Romania

Availability Summer months
Price approx. £50-£130
Duration half or full days
Difficulty Challenging
Wild caving takes place in Trascau Mountains, Apuseni Mountains and Banat Mountains the best known locations for this activity in Romania! Follow the magnificent underground beauties accompanied by qualified and experienced instructors.
All the necessary equipment could be provided in joint with the local Speleological Clubs based in Romania.

To descend safely in a vertical cave it is essential to have adequate training and authorisations from a recognised Speleological institution which is able to guide you on all the related legislation applied to caving practices in the area. It is also necessary to use appropriate equipment and have practice in the basics of ascending and descending using a single rope technique. The technique should be practised outside the cave before you get confident on the practice of changing over from descenders to ascenders and vice versa.

If you are already well familiar with the vertical caving or caving practices in general and wish to explore the caves in Romania we are able to put you in touch with local professionals who can facilitate entrances to the underground cavities and obtain the required authorisations.

There are numerous caves that do not require training on a vertical access or any other training, however the entrance inside them is still based on authorisations requested prior to the visit. In this case please get in touch with the organisers in advance in order to give them enough time to request necessary paperwork from specialist authorities.

We would like to remind to all possible participants that our efforts are to maintain the caves as intact as possible with the least possible damage to the underground environment which is very precious. As the environment is very fragile inside the caves, the guides in Romania will be very strict in allowing the visitors to touch the fragile limestone formations.