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About us

Eunice & Nicu



Travel Horizons is promoting travelling and adventure activities in Romania. We love travelling and want to share this with you. We ourselves have a Romanian background and for over half of our lives explored Romania and enjoyed its charm. We aim to give advice and guidance on how to book safely a trip in Romania if you are interested in any itineraries found on our website. Travel Horizons is not selling itineraries or activities, but we can put you in contact with the right people who are in business in Romania. The services promoted will abide the Romanian legislation respectively the European travelling laws. The knowledgeable tour guides suggested will bring you a deeper understanding of the local people, traditions and their culture. The holidays can be created for individuals or small groups on a tailor-made basis, customising the routes, dates, duration and level of difficulty to suit you or your group of friends.

Our recommended trekking guides have extensive professional experience as mountain rescue team members which means that your safety is their first priority. They aim to offer a high quality experience to all the travellers through responsible technical support and commitment. They have been members of Speleological and Mountaineering Clubs in Romania, obtaining recognised qualifications in mountain rescue and advanced technical support interventions in wild and remote areas.

Our charitable ideas

After several years of travelling through Romania we could observe many places, that in our view, need a bit of attention and support, especially in some rural areas where the environment is not adequately preserved due to the lack of financial resources and lack of education in how to maintain the nature. Our thoughts are to explore further ideas on how to support the local people in the affected areas to self-sustain themselves and build up business and engaging more in profitable activities that can bring them a better quality of life.

A separate project that we are working on will involve helping a few families in need who are financially deprived. These were targeted in our past travelling and they accepted our offer to support them.