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Apuseni Experience - 8 days

Duration 8
Difficulty Moderate


Visit Calnic Fortified Church, an exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Site

Enjoy breathtaking views in Apuseni Nature Park with its wealth of caves

Be astonished by the 3000 years old ice deposit in Scarisoara Cave

Visit Alba Iulia town, the most representative star fortification in Romania

Get kitted up and embark on an intrepid tour of Cetatile Ponorului caves

Be inspired by the historical centre of Sibiu

Apuseni experience  3

Starting point:

Sibiu International Airport, Romania


8 days/7 nights 
  • 2 days inbound/outbound flights into Romania
  • 4 days of Moderate difficulty trekking; maximum 5-6 hours per day
  • 2 days visiting main towns/touristic objectives in the area

Level of difficulty:

Moderate - Strenuous in places

Accommodation choices:

Hotel/ Bed and Breakfast/ Chalet/ Tent

Description of the trip:

Apuseni experience 2

Apuseni Mountains, which form part of the Carpathians, lie in the Central Western region of Romania, relatively close to the border with Hungary. The landscape varies from alpine meadowland to densely wooded forests, rich in wild vegetation where the moss, lichen and fern lay a green cover over the land. The most fascinating in this plateau is the karst landscape where the rivers eroded limestones to create the caves that appear every few steps wherever you go.

This trip is about exploring underground activities in both natural caves and mine environments, ranging from purely recreational trekking days to a more adventurous trails. We will be on foot, on mountain trails, for the best part of each trekking day and some of the trails can be steep and rocky in places. As such, this tour is suitable for people with an average to good level of fitness and a love of walking in the mountains.

Apuseni experience 1

Meals can be a mix of traditional Romanian meals and more 'westernised' food. Lunches will be mostly picnics during the trekking days, but you may opt for an indoor meal on occasion.

On the trekking days we advise to carry a day pack with sandwiches for lunch. The weather conditions may be unpredictable, therefore it is advisable to have a waterproof jacket with you at all the times.

View detailed itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive in Sibiu International Airport. Spend the day at your leisure in the attractive town of Sibiu with its wealth of impressive churches, historic palaces, schools and other objectives which stand before you to visit. If you have time, the Astra Village Museum is worth visiting as a nice start of the tour introducing you into the lives of Romania’s inhabitants over the centuries.
Hotel/Bed and Breakfast (Sibiu)
Day 2 - After a relaxed morning in Sibiu, a short drive takes you to Calnic Fortress, an exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 13th century. After lunch you can continue your journey to Arieseni Resort where you can spend the night. The beautiful journey towards Apuseni Nature Park is undoubtedly preparing you for the surreal sights that will surround you in the following few days.
Calnic Fortress; Vartop-Arieseni Resort
Hotel/Bed and Breakfast (Vartop-Arieseni)
Day 3 - Before starting your first trekking trail you may have a stop to the must-see ice deposits in Scarisoara Cave. After visiting the cave you may want to start the first trekking trail from Vartop resort to the camp base in Apuseni Nature Park (Glavoi Camping) where you have facilities to pitch up the tents.
Scarisoara Ice Cave;
Tent/ or Chalet (Cetatile Ponorului)
Day 4 - Warming up with a gentle walk from the base camp to Padis resort will provide incredible views passing through thick forests and wild caves well-known for their dramatic scenery. Mildly curious sheep and goats pause in their eating as you stroll past on your way. In the afternoon you will be ready to return to enjoy a delicious freshly cooked dinner from the food stalls at the base camp.
Apuseni Nature Park circuit trail
Tent/ or Chalet (Cetatile Ponorului)
Day 5 - Today you may feel like spending the day in the peaceful surroundings of the tented camp, but if you feel like further exploring, a circular walk through the surrounding fir woods, wild caves in Cetatile Ponorului will showcase a wealth of flora, fauna and local geology.
Apuseni Nature Park circuit trail
Tent/ or Chalet (Cetatile Ponorului)
Day 6 - An hour-long drive takes you from the camping base to one of the most beautiful caves in Romania, the Bear's Cave in Chiscau, impressing with its flowstones older than 350 000 years which decorate the cave. As the name reveals, the bear fossils discovered inside represent more than 90 percent of all fossil mammals found in this cave. A further hour drive will take you to Vartop resort where you can spend the night in a local hotel.
Bear's Cave; Vartop-Arieseni Resort
Hotel/Bed and Breakfast (Vartop-Arieseni)
Day 7 - After a short walk in the charming villages in Arieseni a 3 hours drive takes you into Alba Carolina bastioned fortification where you can spend a couple of hours exploring the history of the place. The medieval restaurant inside the fortification serves an excellent selection of traditional Romanian dishes. There should be enough time for you to explore the fortification before heading forward at the hotel in Sibiu, where you will spend your last night of the trip.
Alba Carolina Fortress; Sibiu historical centre
Hotel/Bed and Breakfast (Sibiu)
Day 8 - Return flight