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Retezat Wilderness Trails - 8 days

Availability Summer time only
Duration 8
Difficulty Challenging


Enjoy breathtaking views in Retezat Mountains with their well preserved glacial shapes and lakes

Admire the charming old buildings in centre of Sibiu

Stop to visit Calnic Fortress, an exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Site

Be inspired by the Dacian Capital, Sarmizegetza Regio

Discover the unique beauty of the Densus Church

Travel Ethics Retezat 2

Starting point:

Sibiu International Airport, Romania


8 days/7 nights
  • 2 days inbound/outbound flights into Romania
  • 3 days of sightseeing and visiting touristic objectives
  • 3 days of moderate - challenging trekking; maximum 6-7 hours per day

Level of difficulty:

Moderate - Challenging


Hotel/ Bed and Breakfast/ Tent

Travel Ethics Retezat 2

Description of the trip:

Venture to ascend above the treeline of Pinus Cembra in Retezat Mountains to be astonished by breathtaking views that make your heart to beat fast. The relief in the Retezat Mountains is glacially overprinted with jagged mountain summits with elevations of up to 2509m. Retezat massif has great crisscross trekking routes and some of the most scenic glacial lakes. This trip is a combination of walks through inspiring scenery and visits to superb cultural monuments. You will find shepherds in your way who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle as they move their flocks from one grazing pasture to the next one.

One of the commonly encountered wild animal to be seen on the rugged steep terrain is the chamois. Amongst the various animals, the marmot, a member of the squirrel family was introduced to the Retezat National Park last century. You can hear their whistles of alarm from distance, but as you get closer they will disappear in the in deep burrows on the mountain sides. Brown bears are sometimes seen on unmarked trails, but the wolves, boars or lynx which inhabit the mountains, rarely come into view.

A large variety of both resident and migratory birds are found in Retezat National Park and some 180 different species have been recorded. In the mountains you are likely to see the golden eagle. The park is home to over 1000 plants, many of them having a scientific importance in Europe.

Travel Ethics Retezat 1

On this trip the aim is to set up the camp base next to the largest glacial lake in Romania at an altitude of about 2,040 m. However as the weather in this area is always a challenge you may choose a more comfortable camping place at a lower altitude. Whether you are choosing to camp at the high altitude, you will be carrying your own backpack on a short journey (approx. 2 hours) to the camping area. On the following days you will need only a day carry bag for food and water. The trekking trails will have a moderate towards challenging difficulty with walking for about 6-7 hrs per day. At times the walking is very steep and the drops can be sheer. This trip suites those that are physically active and expect travelling in mountainous terrain. A list with what equipment you will need and what we can provide is available on the Adventure Activities page.

As the Carpathian Mountains are populated with the brown bear, we advise to be cautious with any food or food remains to be kept in a place that does not tempt them to visit your camp base, therefore a team spirit is welcome during this trip.

We do advise you to pack everything into a soft but sturdy travel bag and keep it as light as possible. Take enough warm clothing and rainwear as in the mountain area is typically rainy and cooler than in other parts of the country.

Brief suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Sibiu;
Day 2: Drive to to Butii Gorges; Visit Calnic Fortified Church; Deva Fortress; Sarmizegetusa Regio;
Day 3: Start the trekking: Trekking trail to the camping site, approx. 3 - 4 hrs; First day of camping ;
Day 4: Trekking circuit trail approx. 6 - 7hrs; Peleaga Peak (2508.5m); Papusa Peak (2508m); Second day of camping;
Day 5: Trekking circuit trail approx. 6 - 7hrs; Bucura Peak I (2433m), Retezat Peak (2482m), Judele Peak (2398m); Third day of camping;
Day 6: Trekking trail towards B&B accommodation, approx. 6 - 7hrs; Piule Iorgovanu Mountains;
Day 7: Visit: Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa; Densus Church; Corvin Castle; Drive to Sibiu, spend the night in the hotel; You can choose to go via Transalpina Highway;
Day 8: Return flight