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Adventure Activities

Active Trekking

Backpacking and camping:

During the active trekking you will need a backpack made of lightweight, water-repellent material to carry with you on the trekking days. Backpacks with internal frames are most suitable for cross country and active travel. For the camping trips in the mountain we advise to chose a tent that is lightweight and durable. You don’t need a sleeping bag rated for below freezing temperature in the summer time. You will have to carry some extra weight in your backpack in addition to your own belongings, so please save some room for the food provisions. We do advise you to pack everything into a soft but sturdy travel bag and keep it as light as possible. Take enough warm clothing and rainwear as in the mountain area is typically rainy and cooler than in other parts of the country.

A list of suggested items for the camping & trekking trips:

  • - 1 windproof- waterproof jacket; various weight sweaters;
  • - walking boots, ideal waterproof, or extra nylon overboots in case of heavy raining;
  • - 1 pair of casual shoes; walking socks, casual socks and underwear;
  • - T-shirts; 1 pair of shorts; 2 pairs of pants; 1 fleece pullover;
  • - raincape and raincover for your pack;
  • - sunscreen, hat and sunglasses;
  • - mosquito repelents
  • - swimwear in case you wish to go swimming in a pool in the evenings
  • - sleepwear
  • - washcloth and small towel; toiletry kit;
  • - basic first aid kit; travel size washing liquid
  • - Wallet, travel documents bag or money belt;
  • - A pair of binoculars will add enjoyment to your trip; camera equipment;
  • - water bottles;
  • - headlamps; torch
  • - sleeping bag 2+ seasons; camping pillow
  • Tip: Place any containers holding liquids into sealed plastic bags.

Exploring Wild Caves

If you are interested in exploring wild caves in Romania we can facilitate authorisations for entrances through our mountaineering clubs/associations partners. Their guides have all the relevant qualifications to offer you training and beginner's trips in the caves from Trascau Mountains, Apuseni Mountains and Banat Mountains.

All the necessary equipment is usually provided by the organiser in joint with the local Speleological Clubs based in Romania.

Caving 2

If you are already well familiar with the vertical caving or caving practices in general and wish to explore the caves in Romania we are able to put you in touch with local professionals who can facilitate entrances to the underground cavities and obtain the required authorisations.


For the more adventurous we can put you in touch with local professionals to organise a canyoning session day. Canyoning in Romania involves descending a river canyon using a range of techniques including abseiling down steep canyon walls, scrambling, jumping, sliding, wading or swimming. All the canyoning activities require no previous experience. The local mountaineering clubs/businesses provide full safety gear, including wet-suits, harnesses and helmets, in addition to all the necessary instruction from their experienced and trained guides.

Ski touring

In the cold season Romania is a fantastic place for ski touring uphill and downhill the mountains. You are welcome to contact us to give you more details about our partners to join their Introductory Ski Touring courses organised by their trained instructors before you venture straight on the gear.